Kaufman R&D Ltd. takes ideas from concept to mass production with comprehensive support, thanks to our experienced team and the latest technology. Our professional team combines competencies across multiple fields of engineering and other departments to fully meet each one of our customers’ unique needs.
We work with innovative tech companies at any scale, staying with development throughout the project to deliver professional results on the accelerated timelines they need to remain competitive. The company’s projects combine mechanical and electrical engineering abilities, industrial design aspects and more, all for us to bring our passion for technology to the fields of robotics, motion control, medical devices, wearables, smart agriculture, IOT and numerous other fields and industries.

What will you do?

  • End-to-end logistics and procurement infrastructures supply chain, from the early demand stages until delivery.
  • Monitor and operate procurement processes and insure they meet delivery requirements.
  • Work with local and international suppliers and locate new suppliers.
  • Track and control purchase orders, delivery dates and risks.
  • Ensure that products and goods provided by suppliers meet the company’s needs and standards.
  • Improve profitability through cost reduction, cost avoidance and process improvement.
  • Coordinate between Supply chain, R&D engineering teams, and all other relevant teams to meet goals.
  • Work in collaboration with the company’s management in accordance with its guidelines.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics/ Logistics/ Business Administration/ Engineering.
  • Experience with using ERP system – familiarity with Priority system.
  • Experience with using Microsoft tools (Excel. Word, PowerPoint).
  • Initiative skills, outside of the box thinking, flexibility, and good decision-making skills, independent & capable to lead tasks from beginning to closure, multi-tasking, performs well in an intensive and dynamic environment.

We’re looking for a talented person who is highly professional, with the ability to work in a dynamic environment and can work well with cross- functional teams.

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