About us

Research and development for projects that need mechanical and electronic design
Our team is here to handle every stage of our clients’ projects, rapidly moving through design, prototyping, testing, and reaching serial production. At Kaufman R&D, we provide services and support for startups and established companies, pushing the boundaries of innovation in technology today.

Founder and CEO

Assaf Kaufman

The company is led by founder Assaf Kaufman, a veteran of Intelligence Technology Unit 81. Assaf brings over 15 years of mechanical engineering to the team that he has assembled. With over 30 members today, that team includes mechanical engineers, electronics engineers, management and operation specialists. With Assaf’s leadership, our company is helping tech companies bring their projects from concept to completion.
Understanding that the Proof of Concept (PoC) phase is the most critical in most projects, Assaf Kaufman adopted the Agile Methodology for mechanical design and engineering product development. This approach, our experience, and taking responsibility are what enable us to carry out projects and provide rapid development and implementation with complete success.

“We’re proud of every product we have developed and full of enthusiasm for the next project.”
Our team has the diverse skills needed to tackle projects for any tech company, big or small. We develop the latest electromechanical and multi-disciplinary products to meet your needs and timeline. Along with our experienced professional team, we implement the latest development technology to achieve even better results, including 3D printing and a wide range of production, testing, and finishing tools. We offer the client different departments that all work together as one unit, ensuring the project is executed with the best results and an accelerated schedule. We believe in full cooperation with customers and are willing to adopt changes along the way as required for the benefit of our customers and their projects.

At Kaufman, we have created a home that provides a complete technological envelope, including engineering development, fast and diverse manufacturing capabilities, streamlining production and procurement costs, electronics and control, design, engineering, and user interface. Our goal is to accompany technology companies from the concept stage to the serial production stage, with close cooperation throughout.